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Application of New Health Functions in China

In accordance with the regulatory requirements in China, the health functions claimed by registered health food must be listed in the directory of health food functions. Currently, there are a total of 24 health functions listed in the directory. Related enterprises need to select functions that align with their products from the directory.

To further manage the health function claims, the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) has issued and implemented the Administrative Measures on Health Food Raw Material Directory and Function Directory and Detailed Rules for Technical Review of New Functions and Products of Health Food (Trial), officially opening the channel for new health functions applications.

Current regulations


Date of Implementation

Administrative Measures on Health Food Raw Materials Directory and Function Directory


Detailed Rules for Technical Review of New Functions and Products of Health Food (Trial)


Qualification requirements for applicants

  • Applicants can be any organization or individual; and
  • Based on relevant research, any organization or individual can independently or jointly submit new function applications to the Center for Food Evaluation of the State Administration for Market Regulation.

Requirements for new functions

The new functions for health food should be clear and categorized into the following three types:

  • Supplementing dietary nutrients;
  • Maintaining or improving body health; and
  • Reducing risk factors for diseases.

Application processes


Note: If the applicant submits applications for a new function and registration of health food simultaneously, the Center for Food Evaluation (CFE) should accept them at the same time and conduct associated evaluations.

Dossier requirements

For the application of new health functions:

Applicant shall provide technical evaluation materials according to the Detailed Rules. Specific materials items are as follows:

  1. Table of contents of the new health function;
  2. Letter of commitment for authenticity;
  3. Copies of the ID card or registration certificate of the applicant;
  4. Name, explanation, mechanism, and supporting evidence of the new health function;
  5. R&D reports of the new health function;
  6. Evaluation and verification materials of the new health function;
  7. Same or similar health function application status in China and other countries;
  8. Other scientific supporting evidence;
  9. Materials related to the ethics of health function;
  10. Technical evaluation of the sample;
  11. Other materials related to the function evaluation;
  12. Other evaluation materials related to human consumption; and
  13. Other issues that need to be specified.

For the registration of health products with new functions:

The materials shall be prepared according to the regulations of health food registration, and the applicant shall meet the qualification requirements.

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