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China Infant Formula Milk Powder Testing Service

Infant formula milk powder, as a special food category designed to provide the essential nutrition needed for the growth and development of infants and young children, is subject to rigorous scrutiny from regulatory authorities and the wider community regarding its quality, safety, and stability. Testing and experimentation stand as the sole method to ensure compliance relevant regulations, standards and requirements.


Main regulations and standards for infant formula milk powder testing

  • National Food Safety Standard - Infant Formula (GB 10765);
  • National Food Safety Standard - Follow-on Formula (GB 10766);
  • National Food Safety Standard - Young-child Formula (GB 10767); and
  • Guidelines for Stability Study of Infant Formula Milk Powder Products (Trial).

According to the Administrative Measures on Infant Formula Milk Powder Product Formula Registration and its supporting documents, applicants are required to conduct a series of quality/stability assessments before submitting a registration application.

Infant formula milk powder registration test items

Full-item test of three batches of products meeting product technical requirements;

Stability tests:

  • Accelerated testing for three batches of products;
  • Long-term testing for three batches of products;       

Our service

With over a decade of expertise in infant formula milk powder compliance service, CIRS Group is well-versed in the key testing points and regulatory requirements in this field, and has established long-term partnerships with multiple renowned domestic infant formula milk powder testing institutions. Our professional team provides tailored experimental plans based on clients’ needs, selects suitable testing institutions, tracks experiment progress in real-time, and helps resolve any technical issues that may arise during the process. CIRS Group offers the following services to our clients:

  • One-stop infant formula milk powder registration and testing service (program design, process tracking, report review, etc.);
  • Single-item testing service;
  • Customized testing service;
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