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Official Consultation Service for Feed Ingredient and Feed Additive Approval in China

To fully implement the administrative approval system reform and adhere to the principles of “streamlining administration, delegating power, and improving regulation and services”, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China (MARA) has established a consultation service mechanism for the approval of feed ingredients and feed additives. This mechanism aims to encourage the development and innovation of feed and new feed additives, assisting feed enterprises and relevant technical institutions (applicants) in enhancing their research and development capabilities.


Handling authority

Bureau of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services, MARA

The consultation services including

  • Applications for new feed and new feed additive certificates;
  • Applications for expanding the approved uses of feed additives;
  • Applications for the production of feed additives with content specifications lower than those specified in the Regulations for the Safe Use of Feed Additives and other regulatory documents (excluding products formulated by combing feed additives with carriers or diluents in certain proportions);
  • Applications for feed additives with significant production process changes;
  • Applications to import products containing feed and and feed additives not yet approved in China; and
  • Applications to include ingredients or additives in the Feed Ingredients Catalogue or Feed Additives Catalogue.

Materials requirements

  • General product name, product category, development purpose, product components, appearance and physical properties, product function, applicable scope, usage method, production process, and manufacturing method;
  • Basic information on the product’s application in relevant industries both domestically and internationally; and
  • Collected scientific literature, reports, or test results demonstrating its safety and effectiveness.

Note: Applicants may refer to the Requirements for Application Materials for New Feed Additives (MARA Announcement No. 226) to prepare the relevant materials.


Step 1: The applicant submits a written application along with the relevant materials (one paper copy and one electronic copy);

Step 2: The Bureau of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services of MARA (The Bureau) verifies the consultation materials within 5 working days (which may take around a month);

Step 3: If no additional materials are required, a consultation meeting with the National Feed Review Committee is generally organized within 2 months, during which experts provide their consultation opinions and suggestions; and

Step 4: The Bureau notifies the applicant in writing within 5 working days upon receiving the consultation opinions and suggestions.

The consultation service is initiated voluntarily by the applicant, and no fees are charged by the authorities. As a global leader in product compliance consulting, CIRS Group assists companies in preparing the necessary documentation for applying for the official consultation service, including applications for new feed and feed additives.