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Brief Guide to Regulatory Requirements of Global Cosmetics Regulations

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CIRS Group has prepared a Brief Guide to Regulatory Requirements of Global Cosmetic Regulations to help enterprises better understand cosmetic regulations around the globe.

The Guide is compiled based on CIRS Group’s experience with cosmetic registration/filing. It gives a brief introduction to global cosmetic regulations, which makes it easier for related enterprises to collect regulatory information and understand what they need to do during is during export or R&D.

This Guide integrates the cosmetic regulations in China, the European Union, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Taiwan, and the ASEAN. It is divided into 17 parts covering:

  • definition of cosmetics,
  • classification of cosmetics,
  • regulatory methods,
  • regulatory agencies,
  • major cosmetic laws and regulations,
  • requirements of labeling,
  • list of major cosmetic ingredients,
  • list of substances prohibited in cosmetic products,
  • list of substances restricted in cosmetic products,
  • list of preservatives permitted in cosmetic products,
  • list of UV filters permitted in cosmetic products,
  • list of colorants permitted in cosmetic products,
  • list of hair dyes permitted in cosmetic products,
  • heavy metal content limits,
  • microorganism content limits,
  • other substances with risks (methanol, dioxane, asbestos), and
  • efficacy claim requirements.


Currently, the Chinese version is available and the English version is under preparation. If you would like to know more about the Guide or to book it, please contact us at:

Tel.: +86 571 87206574


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