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China Extended Deadline to Submit the Complete Cosmetic Safety Assessment Report to May 1, 2025

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On April 22, 2024, China’s National Medical Products Administration issued a notice regarding the measures to optimize the management of cosmetic safety assessments.


Earlier on March 29, the National Institute for Food and Drug Control also released the Guidelines for Submission of Cosmetic Safety Assessment Information for public comments.

Main contents of NMPA notice:

  • Implement classified management of cosmetic safety assessment data: Enterprises are allowed to submit basic conclusions of safety assessments for certain eligible ordinary cosmetics, with the safety assessment reports to be archived by the cosmetic enterprises for future reference; and
  • Considering that cosmetic research and development require a certain period, to avoid the repeated investment of enterprise resources, cosmetic registrants and filers can still submit a simplified safety assessment report that meets the requirements of the Technical Guidelines for Cosmetic Safety Assessment (2021 Edition) before May 1, 2025.

Previously, NMPA made it clear that after May 1, 2024, cosmetic registrants and filers will transit from the simplified product safety assessment reports to the complete version.

The extension of the deadline for the complete cosmetic safety assessment provides enterprises with additional time and flexibility to ensure their products meet safety standards, while also reducing the pressure on research and regulatory compliance. However, enterprises should use this time to effectively prepare for and adapt to the upcoming stricter safety assessment requirements to ensure long-term regulatory compliance and market success.

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