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Free Webinar: Latest Updates of the NMPA Safety Information Platform in China - Are you ready for the Dec 31, 2023, deadline?

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In this webinar we will discuss the latest updates of the NMPA Safety Information Platform in China for existing cosmetic ingredients. With the upcoming deadline of December 31, 2023, only 2 months away, we will share some practical advice for ensuring your ingredients are fully compliant with the regulations.

The platform was launched by the NMPA (National Medical Products Administration) at the beginning of 2022. The purpose of the platform is to enable cosmetic ingredient manufacturers or their authorized representatives to upload the safety information of their cosmetic ingredients to generate submission codes. These codes can then be provided to their downstream users for cosmetic product notification & registration in China without compromising confidential business information through the supply chain.

Join us on November 22 where we will be sharing the latest updates of the regulation and practical advice and tips for ensuring your existing cosmetic ingredients are fully compliant on-time.

This webinar is also available in French that will be hosted on December 6, 2023. It will be presented by Yasmine Boulanouar, our senior toxicologist. Click here to know more details.








November 22 2023

2:30 pm (GMT)

Julie Harrington



December 6 2023

3:30 pm (GMT +1)

Yasmine Boulanouar

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Main Contents

  • Introduction to the compliance of existing cosmetic ingredients in China;
  • Overview of the NMPA Safety Information Platform;
  • Latest Updates;
  • Case Studies & Practical Tips; and
  • Q&A Session.


Julie Harrington, Senior Regulatory Consultant, CIRS Eurpoe

Julie graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a B.Sc. (hons) degree in Medicinal Chemistry. She has also worked in the pharmaceutical industry in the area of Quality Control. She joined the CIRS group in 2019 as a Regulatory Consultant and is now coordinating the cosmetic service at the Dublin office as a Senior Consultant specializing in cosmetic regulations in China, the EU, the UK and South Korea. She is also experienced with global chemical regulations including EU REACH, UK REACH, Global GHS, China REACH and KKDIK regulations.


Note: You will receive emails with a link one day and 15 minutes before the webinar starts. By clicking that link, you shall be able to join our webinar automatically. Please note that space is strictly limited to a maximum of 500 attendees.

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