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Free Webinar: The Latest Regulatory Requirements for Cosmetic Ingredients in China under the Supervision of NMPA and MEE and the Opportunities and Challenges for Companies

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1- NMPA Regulatory Requirements

Since June 29, 2020, when the Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations (CSRA, State Order No. 727) was released, a series of secondary regulations have been introduced, including the Measures for the Administration of Cosmetic Registration and Filing, Provisions on the Administration of New Cosmetic Ingredients Registration and Filing Data, and Technical Guidelines for Cosmetics Safety Assessment, etc. The source of cosmetic safety comes from the safety of cosmetic raw materials. The new regulations have been adjusted to a large extent to strengthen the management of raw materials. Such as the update of the positive and negative list of cosmetic raw materials, filing of safety info of cosmetic ingredients used in cosmetics, level-to-level administration for new cosmetic ingredients based on the level of risk, and monitoring period management of new cosmetic ingredients, etc. How to correctly interpret the requirements of the new regulations and make accurate and timely adjustments within the limited transition time has become a huge challenge for companies. The professional team of Personal and Home Care Division of CIRS Group China has combined years of experience in dealing with regulations to introduce the latest regulatory requirements for cosmetic ingredients in China through the following aspects to help companies successfully cope with the new regulatory requirements and lay the foundation for industrial upgrading.

Main Contents

  • List of latest regulations
  • Main contents and changes of the Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations
  • Work priorities for companies to deal with during the transition period
  • How to place cosmetic ingredients in China market
  • China cosmetic ingredients management inventories
  • Existing standards for the management of cosmetic ingredients
  • Cosmetic ingredients safety information reporting code application
  • New cosmetic ingredients registration/filing process and dossier requirements
  • Test requirements for the registration and filing of new cosmetic ingredients
  • Toxicological test exemptions
  • New raw materials monitoring period requirements

2- MEE regulatory requirements 

The Registration Measures for Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances (Decree No. 12 of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment) has been fully implemented since January 1, 2021, and the former Measures for Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances (Decree No. 7 of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, issued on January 19, 2010) has been repealed at the same time. Cosmetic raw materials or intermediates that are not listed in the Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances in China (IECSC) will also need to be managed under Decree 12 of MEE, CIRS Group China will explain the compliance of cosmetic ingredients under Decree 12 for companies around the following contents:

Main Contents

  • Background, framework, scope of application, and competent authorities of Decree 12
  • The latest developments of the implementation of Decree 12
  • IECSC and inventory inclusion
  • Registration requirements and process for different registration types
  • Data requirements under Decree 12
  • Compliance advice and experience sharing for cosmetic ingredients under Decree 12


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15 Dec, 2021



Kyungmi Park, Junho Lee




Chloe Wang, Daniel Duan




April Guo, Eric Xiong

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Ms April Guo, Toxicologist, General Manager, Personal and Home Care Division in CIRS China 

Ms April Guo works in CIRS Group for more than 10 years and leads the personal and home care team to assist global well known personal and home care product companies and ingredient suppliers in regulatory compliance for thousands of products each year. She is always invited to give the training to foreign cosmetic companies in the international regulatory conferences.

Ms Chloe Wang, Deputy General Manager of Technology, Personal and Home Care Division in CIRS China

Ms Chloe Wang works in CIRS Group for more than 8 years and currently leads the technical team of cosmetics regulatory affairs with the rich experience in the registration of cosmetics and new cosmetic ingredient. Since joining the CIRS Group, she has handled the registration work of more than a thousand of cosmetics.

Mr. Eric Xiong, General Manager, Industrial Chemicals Division in CIRS China

Mr. Eric Xiong has about 10 years working experience in product stewardship and regulatory compliance for chemical industry in China, EU and other Asian Pacific countries. His team has provided solutions for hundreds of enterprises to achieve chemical regulatory compliance in China, EU and other countries in Asian Pacific countries and help those enterprises to put thousands of chemicals into the market in these countries without barriers.

Mr. Daniel Duan, Senior regulatory Consultant, Industrial Chemicals Division in CIRS China

Mr. Daniel Duan has been engaged in China's new substance declaration regulations tracking for nearly 10 years, and has completed more than 100 cases of all types of declarations, such as conventional declarations and simple declarations, etc. He is a consultant of China's new substance declaration regulations for more than a dozen global top 100 chemical companies. He has a full understanding of the process of the revision of Order 12 of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and has rich practical experience in operation.

Ms Kyungmi Park, Cosmetics Regulatory Senior Consultant in CIRS Korea

Ms Kyungmi Park has over ten years of experience in China-related business in Korea, including six years of experience in the field of cosmetic regulations. She is mainly responsible for consulting and project management of Chinese cosmetic regulations for Korean cosmetics and ingredients companies. She has successfully helped more than a thousand Korean cosmetic products enter the Chinese market smoothly.

Junho Lee, Director, Chemical Division in CIRS Korea

Mr Junho Lee has 11 years of international experience specializing in the field of chemical regulations, standards and certifications in Korea, China and Europe. He has supported industry on major chemical regulatory updates around the world starting with EU REACH, and now Korea’s K-REACH.


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