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Q&As on Ordinary Cosmetics Filing in Guangzhou (Vol. 44)

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We have collected the latest FAQs on ordinary cosmetics filing from the Guangzhou Administration for Market Regulation and translated them into English for your reference.

1. What are the requirements for submitting the "Explanation Document for Cancelation and Re-registration of Ordinary Cosmetics" when re-filing after cancelation

According to Article 59 of the "Provisions on the Management of Cosmetic Registration and Filing Data", when ordinary products are deregistered and re-filed, a statement should be submitted. For non-security reasons that require cancelation, a copy of the original filing materials can be used for re-filing. The situation description must include the specific reasons for cancelation, cancelation time, and the differences between the re-filed products and the canceled products.

2. Can cosmetics be sold in blind boxes?

According to the requirements of Article 5, Paragraph 4 of the "Guidelines for Blind Box Business Conduct (Trial)", products with strict requirements in terms of usage conditions, storage and transportation, inspection and quarantine, such as drugs, medical devices, toxic and harmful substances, flammable and explosive substances, and live animals, shall not be sold in the form of blind boxes. Food and cosmetics that do not meet the conditions for ensuring quality, safety, and consumer rights should not be sold in blind boxes.

Note: blind boxes are a type of packaging that keeps its contents hidden.

3. What is the difference between product dosage form "aerosol" and "spray"?

According to the Classification Rules and Catalogue of Cosmetics, aerosols are products containing propellants that release the contents in a predetermined form using the pressure of the propellants. A spray agent is a product without a propellant, which can be sprayed out by the pressure of an assistant pump or other methods.

4. What is binary packaging aerosol? Do binary packaging aerosols need to be checked for "use of propellants in direct contact with the contents"?

Binary packaging aerosols are packaged products in which the content and propellant are separated into two containers. If the cosmetics are binary packaging aerosols, due to the separation between the content and propellant, it is not necessary to check "Use propellant in direct contact with the content". However, it is recommended to make a note in the "Remarks" section of the "Classification Code" on the system.

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