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China Issued a Full Catalogue Including Approved New Food Raw Materials, New Food Additives and New Food-Related Products for Public Comments

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In accordance with the requirements of the Department of Food Safety Standards, Risk Surveillance and Assessment of the National Health Commission, China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA) sorted out the catalogues of approved “Three New Food” (including new food raw materials, new food additives, and new food-related products) since the implementation of the Food Safety Law in 2009, and illustrated their applicable national food safety standards. On March 28, 2022, CFSA issued the draft of this catalogue for public comments. Opinions and advices shall be given before April 25, 2022.


1) The catalogue includes 101 approved new food raw materials, 215 approved new food additives, and 235 approved new food-related products (including repetitive products). In the past, the approval of new substances was issued through one by one announcement, and the information was scattered. The catalogue now helps the public obtain a complete list of “Three New Food” in China.

2) Stipulate the applicable standards for each approved substance.

Taking new food raw material as an example, in the earlier period, hygiene indicators of the ingredient were generally not included in the announcements, or it was simply stated that the hygiene and safety indicators should meet the relevant standards in China. In this case, it is difficult for enterprises to conclude which specific standard shall be implemented. Now, this situation is improved by the additional instructions of applicable standards or safety indicators for the product in this catalogue.

For example, wheat oligopeptides (approved as new food raw material in 2012), this catalogue now clearly stipulates that the safety indicators of this ingredient should be implemented in accordance with the provisions of cereals and their products.

CIRS will keep attention on the official release of this catalogue. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us at


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