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Free Webinar: Introduce Food Additive Compliance and New Food Additive Registration in China

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Food additives are essential in prepackaged food products. The existence of food additives is the accelerator of the development of food industry. However, if the uses of food additives are not comply with Chinese regulation, the product will be destroyed or returned and the reputation of enterprises will be affected. With the goal of helping enterprises to have an overview of Chinese food additives and new additive registration, this webinar will introduce the food additive positive list in China; explain how to check if the food additives can be used in specific products, and details the registration of new food additives. In addition, this webinar will share the latest information of genetically modified microorganism (GMM) derived new food additive registration.




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27 July  2021


Yilei  Shen, Yanjie Gu

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28 July  2021


Hui Xu

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28 July  2021


Jessie  Shen

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Main Contents

Part 1 Food Additive Regulatory Compliance Introduction

  • Definition and classification of food additives

  • What are the allowed food additives in China-the positive list?

  • How to check if the food additives can be used in specific food products?

  • Case study

Part 2 New Food Additive Registration Introduction

  • Background and regulations.

  • Registration process and duration.

  • ŸDossier requirements and test requirements.

  • ŸSummarize the registration status of new food additives.

  • ŸLatest information on GMM derived food additive registration.


Ms. Jessie Shen, Senior Consultant of Food Business Division from CIRS Group

Ms. Jessie Shen has master’s degree of Advanced Chemical Engineering from the University of Manchester. She is familiar with food and food contact material industry. After joining CIRS Group, she focuses on health food, food ingredient and food contact materials regulatory compliance. She has been assisting hundreds of oversea enterprises to be in compliance with Chinese regulation.

Ms. Yilei Shen Food Regulatory Specialist of Food Business Division from CIRS Group

Ms. Yilei Shen’s major in university was food quality and safety. She is very familiar with food industry, and has extensive experience in China food and food ingredients regulations. After joining CIRS, she has accumulated 5 years of experience in food regulation service and has provided food regulatory technical support for hundreds of domestic and foreign enterprises.

Ms. Sunny Gu, Food Regulatory Specialist of Food Business Division from CIRS Group

Ms. Sunny Gu graduated from Zhejiang Gongshang University with master's degree, majoring in food science and engineering, and her research direction is food chemistry. She has extensive experience in food testing and three new foods registrations. After joining CIRS Group, she focuses on laws & regulations of new food raw materials/additives and new food contact materials, and has provided food regulatory technical support for many domestic and foreign enterprises.

Hui Xu , Food Business Division Food Regulatory Consultant

Mr. Hui Xu has a deep research into food related regulations. He is especially professional in the new food raw materials, new food additives, new food contact material and health food registration. He is devoted to providing food regulatory services for Japanese companies.


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