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Questionnaire: Decide the Topics of CIRS Food Related Webinars

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With the continuous increase of the total food products imported to China in recent years, China has become one of the largest food import countries. In the meanwhile, still lots of overseas food companies are targeting the China market and aiming to import their food products to China. However, with the update of the China food regulatory system, overseas companies may be faced with various problems when making their food products compliant, such as the language barrier, the frequent regulation update, and the product compliance difficulty.

To solve those problems, choosing a third-party consulting company is the easiest and fastest way to cope with them.

According to the current food regulations, there are various food categories, most of them could be categorized as:

  • Special Food (such as health food (dietary supplement); FSMP; Infant formula);
  • Food for special dietary use (such as sports nutrition, food for pregnant women and lactating mothers)
  • Prepackaged common food (such as candy, chocolate, beverage, etc.)
  • Food ingredient (such as food raw material, food additive);
  • Food contact material (Food packaging materials, tableware, additives for food contact materials)

However, the corresponding regulations and the compliance process for those mentioned categories are different from each other. For instance, for special food, before they are imported to China, a registration or filing certificate is required. To assist the overseas companies to be more familiar with the Chinese food regulatory system and be prepared for the China market, CIRS has been continuously providing Free Webinars to introduce the Chinese food regulations and their updates.

In 2022, CIRS will continue to carry out webinars to introduce the food regulatory management system and the compliance requirements for food products. To better understand the interest/request of overseas enterprises and prepare the webinars accordingly, CIRS prepared a questionnaire to gather the topics of interest. Please let us know the topics you are interested, and CIRS will summarize the hot topics and prepare the webinars accordingly.

Your opinion is valuable to us, and you could decide the topic of CIRS food related free webinar.


Chinese food regulations (including food and food related products)



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If more than 10 companies select the same topic, CIRS will arrange the related free webinar within 2 months and all companies will be invited.

Besides, if there are less than 10 companies choose the same topic or any other food requests, CIRS will contact the companies for further consultation.

If you have any other needs or questions, please feel free to contact us at


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