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Taiwan EPA issued the revised "Regulation of New and Existing Chemical Substance Registration" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulation") on November 23, 2021, which came into effect from the date of promulgation. One of the most important changes in the revision of the ‘Regulations’ is the extension of the deadline for completing the registration of existing chemical substances designated to complete the standard registration in the first phase. After the revision, the registration period is five years regardless of the registration tonnage level. Enterprises that produce or import substances listed in the list of existing chemical substances designated to complete the standard registration in the first phase, and whose annual quantity reaches more than 1 ton/year before December 31, 2019, should complete the standard registration before December 31, 2024.
According to K-REACH, the deadline for full registration of substances exceeding 1000 t/y and CMR substances exceeding 1t/y is December 31st, 2021, which means enterprises must complete the full registrations for their trading substances prior to this date if they would like to continue trading activities. This webinar will introduce the progress of K-REACH regulation and share our practical experiences on full registrations so that the enterprises could take the future registration projects in stride.
Since UK REACH was implemented on January 1, 2021, enterprises that intend to manufacture, sell or import chemical products in England, Wales, and Scotland (hereinafter referred to as GB) have been required to comply with UK REACH. Despite the great similarities with EU REACH, UK REACH has its unique provisions, such as Downstream User Import Notification (DUIN), Grandfathering, and New Registration of an Existing Substance (NRES). The results of a public consultation launched in July 2022 show that it is likely that authorities will extend all registration deadlines by three years. This means the enterprises will have more time to prepare the registration dossier and plan future business decisions. This webinar aims to help enterprises understand the updates on UK REACH so as to make better decisions.
KKDIK was published on June 23, 2017, by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Turkish Republic and formally came into effect on December 23, 2017. The registration grace period is between January 1, 2021, and December 31, 2023. Enterprises can complete pre-registration during the grace period for manufacturing or importing in Turkey. From January 1, 2024, formal registration must be completed before substances are manufactured or imported. This webinar will provide you an insightful guidance on how to complete KKDIK formal registration and strategies and suggestions to fulfill the obligations under KKDIK.
This webinar will provide a general overview of the requirements for European Regulation on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures (EU CLP). Including requirements for safety data sheets (SDSs) and labels. It will also explore the most recent and future updates of the EU CLP.
On January 5, 2022, the government of the People's Republic of China issued the National Plan for Centralized Control of Safety Risks of Hazardous Chemicals, which promoted the implementation of the new registration system for hazardous chemicals and the policy of ‘One enterprise, One product, One code’. Other provinces have successively started to implement ‘One enterprise, One product, One code’ this year since Guangdong Province took the lead in carrying out the policy. This webinar will focus on the interpretation of the policy ‘One enterprise, One product, One code’, including the policy background, general requirements, and promotion status. We CIRS Group will also give professional compliance suggestions.
The second submission deadline for Korean MSDS is now approaching. CIRS is going to hold this webinar to kindly remind that enterprises exporting chemicals meet hazard criteria to South Korea shall pay attention to the updates to chemical regulations in South Korea and submit the MSDS in time to avoid incompliance situations.
Throughout November we will present a series of webinars on Global GHS regulations. These will provide you with an overview of the latest developments in the EU, UK, US, Canada, South Korea, and other Asian jurisdictions. These will be freely available to our clients and our regulatory network.
The Measures for Environmental Management Registration of New Chemical Substances (China REACH) has come into force since January 1, 2021. With the exception of exclusion circumstances, polymers that containing no more than 2% monomer or reactant of new chemical substances or belonging to polymer of low concern may apply for the filing of polymers regardless of tonnage band. When applying for the filing of polymer, how to check if the polymer meets the exclusion circumstance, and how to provide supporting documentation that can be acceptable by authority? This webinar will provide more information on polymer registration to you.
MEE Order No.12 has come into force since January 1st, 2021. In order to fully implement this Order No.12, severely punish on environmental violations of new chemical substances production activities, strengthen warning and publicity, MEE and local environmental departments have strengthened their on-site supervision. This webinar will introduce the current implementation and updates of MEE Order No.12, and analysis the latest regulations and punishment cases.