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Guangzhou Administration for Market Regulation Releases Cosmetics Re-inspection Process

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On May 24, 2023, Guangzhou Administration for Market Regulation Released the Cosmetics Re-inspection Process. The main content includes re-inspection application materials and processes, re-inspection fees, application of re-inspection conclusions, forms of non-re-inspection, and answers to common questions.

Application materials and process for re-inspection

(1) Application materials for re-inspection

If the sampled units have objections to the results of national and provincial sampling, they can submit a re-inspection application to the Guangdong Medical Products Administration. If you have any objections to the results of the cosmetics sampling, you can submit a re-inspection application to Guangzhou Administration for Market Regulation. You should fill out the "Guangzhou Administration for Market Regulation Cosmetics Re-inspection Application Form" (see attachment) and send it to the Guangzhou Administration for Market Regulation along with the following documents (in duplicate):

1. Copies of business license, production license, and other relevant production and operation qualifications (with official seal required);

2. A copy of the principal's ID card and power of attorney (with official seal required);

3. Copy of inspection report (stamped with official seal);

4. A copy of the signed inspection report delivery receipt; and

5. If the applicant is not an actual production enterprise, a power of attorney for a re-inspection application issued by the actual production enterprise is required.

(2) Acceptance of re-inspection application

The cosmetic manufacturer or operator (entrusted unit) of the sampled product shall submit a re-inspection application to our bureau within seven working days from the date of receiving the delivery receipt. Our bureau will make a decision on whether to conduct a retest within five working days from the date of receiving the retest application. We will add comments to the "Cosmetics Retest Application Form" and send one copy of the above retest application materials back to the retest applicant.

If our bureau agrees to conduct a re-inspection, the re-inspection applicant shall contact the designated re-inspection institution within three working days of receiving the materials to handle the confirmation procedures for backup samples. If the re-inspection procedures are not completed within the prescribed time limit or the re-inspection fees are not paid in advance according to regulations, it shall be deemed as a waiver of the re-inspection.

Circumstances of non-re-inspection

Under any of the following circumstances, re-inspection will not be conducted:

1. The microbiological testing items do not meet the regulations;

2. Due to special reasons, the backup sample for re-inspection cannot be re-inspected;

3. The sample has exceeded its service life;

4. Late submission of re-inspection application;

5. Has submitted a retest application that has been rejected or a retest conclusion has been drawn;

6. The cosmetics production unit or import agent has objections to the authenticity of the sample but cannot provide relevant proof materials; and

7. Other situations where re-inspection is not allowed as stipulated by laws and regulations.

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