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Q&As on Ordinary Cosmetics Filing in Guangzhou (Vol. 54)

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We have collected the latest FAQs on ordinary cosmetics filing from the Guangzhou Administration for Market Regulation and translated them into English for your reference.

1. When using new ingredients for the production of cosmetics, what should the filer pay attention to?

Filers shall pay attention to the following details:

  • Verification of New Ingredient Information: One Chinese name for a new ingredient may have different filers or filing numbers. The registrant should verify the corresponding new ingredient filing number and ensure that the number is accurately reported.
  • Consultation of New Ingredient Technical Requirements: when using a new ingredient, it is necessary to refer to the "New Ingredient Technical Requirements" to clarify the safe usage amount, purpose of use, applicable scope of the ingredient, other restrictions and requirements, as well as cautionary statements. Special attention should be paid to the compatibility contraindications and usage scope restrictions of the new ingredient.
  • New Ingredient Public Disclosure Platform Inquiry: Filers can query the "New Ingredient Technical Requirements" via the new ingredient public disclosure platform. If the document has not been disclosed yet, it should be requested from the new ingredient registrant and uploaded to the ordinary cosmetics (toothpaste) registration management system. During the safety assessment of the new ingredient, it should be made clear whether it meets the limit requirements of the "New Ingredient Technical Requirements".

2. How should the multi-color series of makeup products be registered?

For packaging and containers that cannot be disassembled, such as eyeshadow palettes, they should be submitted for registration as "one product." The formula should be reported separately for each color number.

If each color is packaged independently, they should be registered separately, namely, each color number corresponds to one registration number.

3. If toxicological tests are not exempted, what products should undergo an acute eye irritation test?

According to the "Cosmetics Registration and Filing Inspection Regulations" (Announcement No. 72 of 2019), products that are likely to come into contact with the eyes must undergo an acute eye irritation test, including common products that are likely to come into contact with the eyes suc as facial cleansers, shampoos, rinse-off conditioners, eye products (except for eyebrow cosmetics), shower gels, etc.

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