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CIRS Group to Speak at the 2024 Functional Food and Nutrition Science Conference on Synthetic Biology Food Ingredients Compliance Requirements

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In accordance with the Healthy China 2030 Plan released by the State Council, China’s booming health industry is projected to reach a market size of 16 trillion yuan by 2030, showing immense potential. In the era of “big health”, new food ingredients are continually emerging, industry regulations and standards undergo constant updates, and emerging fields that integrate traditional and modern technologies such as foods with medical properties, and food ingredients used in cosmetics, are evolving rapidly. As consumer demand steadily rises, the functional food sector stands poised for rapid development.

To spearhead industry advancement, the 2024 Functional Food and Nutrition Science Conference is set to take place in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, on May 23-24, 2024. Themed “Functional Food: Making Health Accessible”, this conference will feature four dynamic forums: Foods with Medical Properties, Food Ingredients Used in Cosmetics, Regulations and Standards for Functional Foods, and Innovative Development of New Food Raw Materials. It aims to serve as a platform for domestic scholars and enterprises in the field of functional food, facilitating profound exchanges and collaborations. Together, we will unearth fresh opportunities, pioneer innovative pathways, and collectively envision a bright future.

Date: May 23-24, 2024

Venue: Hangzhou Junshang Yunli Hotel, Zhejiang

CIRS booth number: 47

Speech topic: Forum Three -Navigating Compliance Requirements for Synthetic Biology Food Ingredients Application in China, Europe, and the United States: GRAS vs Novel Food


Ms. Cathy Yu, DCST, General Manager of the Food Business Division at CIRS Group

Ms. Cathy Yu graduated from Zhejiang Gongshang University with a degree in Food Science and Engineering and has earned her Diplomat of Certified Toxicologist of the Chinese Society of Toxicology (DCST). With over a decade of experience in food regulatory services, she possesses a profound understanding of food legal and regulatory systems across major countries and regions worldwide, focusing on providing regulatory compliance services for both domestic and international enterprises. Ms. Cathy Yu has been frequently invited to deliver speeches on interpreting Chinese food regulations in countries such as Germany, France, the United States, and South Korea, among others. She has offered tailored food compliance service solutions for numerous renowned overseas enterprises, effectively addressing and resolving trade barriers, thus earning widespread recognition.

Conference Forum Schedule

May 23-24, 2024, Hangzhou




May 23, 2024 (DAY 1)

Forum on Foods with Medical Properties

Forum One

Forum on Food Ingredients Used in Cosmetics

Forum Two

May 24, 2024 (DAY 2)

Forum on Regulations and Standards for Functional Foods

Forum Three

Forum on Innovative Development of New Food Raw Materials

Forum Four

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