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Q&As on Changes in the New Standards for China Food Contact Materials

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On November 23, 2023, we hosted a free webinar on the changes in the new standards for China food contact materials and articles on food enterprises’ responses. The playback of the webinar is now available. If you missed this webinar you can watch it free by following the link here

Many questions were raised during the webinar. We have collected the questions and made a Q&A summary as follows:

Q1: Are the new standards for food contact materials (FCM) more stringent compared to the European Union’s packaging material standards, or do they tend to align with EU regulations?

A1: The FCM standards in China are primarily based on the risk assessment framework. While we believe that national regulatory authorities may refer to various standards during the standard-making process, including those of the EU, the differing considerations of safety factors makes it challenging to determine which set of standards is more stringent.

Q2: Is the positive list for food contact materials equivalent to Appendix A in each table?

A2: The positive list for food contact materials mainly comprises GB 9685 and subsequent supplementary notices, along with the materials permitted for use in relevant product standards.

Q3: Where can I get the positive list for resins for indirect contact?

A3: If the resin is intended to come into contact with food, it falls under the category of food contact materials and shall comply with the requirements specified in the positive list for food contact materials, as explained in Q2.

Q4: In which countries might there be risks while importing packaging materials?

A4: The import of food-related products is overseen by the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China. For specific risks associated with imported packaging materials, it is recommended to refer to its official website for details.

Q5: Are the registration requirements for food detergents officially available now?

A5: Food-use detergents fall under the category of food-related products. The application and its new raw materials shall comply with the requirements specified in the Administrative Measures on New Food-Related Products and Regulations on Application and Acceptance of New Food-Related Products, among others.

If you are interested in global hot topics of food compliance, our webinars will be unmissable to you. We have made a list of all the free webinars we plan to hold in 2023 for your reference: CIRS Food – Upcoming Free Webinars in 2023.

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