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CIRS Food - Upcoming Free Webinars in 2023

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We have made a list of the free webinars we plan to hold in 2023 for your reference. Details are as follows:

Three New Foods (New food raw materials, new food additives and new food-related products)


Application Trend in China - Analysis of the Compliance Processes of Hot New Food Raw Materials and Additives such as NMN and HMOs


Experience Sharing on New Food Raw Materials (Novel Food) Application


Experience Sharing on New Food Additive (including Genetically Modified Microorganisms Derivative, Enzyme, Flavouring, and Nutrition Enhancer) Application


Brief Introduction to the Compliance of Food Contact Substances and Key Points in Applications

Special Food


Interpretations on Registration Requirements of the FSMP and Technical Guidance in Clinical Trial


Experience Sharing on Health Food Registration and Interpretation of relevant FAQs.

Analysis on Difficulties in Health Food Filing and Corresponding Solutions


Test Requirements for Health Food - Registration, Filing, Cross-border Affairs, Sampling, etc.

Other Pre-packaged Food


Regulatory Requirements to Pre-packaged Food Labels and Risk Prevention in Food Advertising


What Are the Functional Claim Barriers and Key Points in Compliance of Functional Food and Food for both Medicine and Food?


What Are Foods for Special Dietary Uses? How about their Key Points in Compliance?


Experience Sharing in GACC Overseas Manufacturers Registration of Imported Food and Interpretations of relevant FAQs.

About CIRS Group Food Business Division

Established in 2012, CIRS Food Business Division is dedicated to food and food-related product safety. It specializes in providing food regulatory compliance solutions and has been serving more than 1,000 food-related enterprises both domestically and overseas.

To help clients gain a competitive advantage by reducing business risks associated with regulatory affairs, we are offering services for:

  • Health food (dietary supplement) registration and filing;
  • Food for special medical purposes (FSMP) registration;
  • Infant formula milk powder registration;
  • New food additive registration;
  • New food raw material registration;
  • New food contact resins and additives notification (FCN);
  • Food contact material and products (FCM) compliance;
  • General food compliance;
  • Regulatory information tracking; and
  • Food regulation training.


For more information, please visit our website here: CIRS Food

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