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Food Regulations Tracking Service


Our dedicated food regulations team at CIRS Group has been closely monitoring crucial updates in the food industry. We collect and analyze information on major food safety emergencies, industrial reports, regulatory policies updates, and changes in various standards, aiming to save our clients’ time while ensuring they stay well-informed about the latest industrial trends. This empowers our clients to maintain a consistent competitive edge in the industry.

What Are Covered?

  • Policy dynamics:

This includes the latest policies, regulations, and announcements released on the official websites of key domestic food safety regulatory authorities, including the National Health Commission (NHC), National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China.

  • Technical dynamics:

Our focus extends to specific standards for products, additives and packaging materials; changes in production, hygiene, and technical guidance specifications. Additionally, we provide our clients with updates on technological innovations, new products, and emerging processes relevant to their industry.

  • Industrial information:

This includes various industry-related information, food safety events and updates.

  • Other information:

Industrial training, conferences and testings.

What Are the Advantages?

  • Efficient time savings in gathering food regulatory information;
  • Rapid updates for timely access to the latest news;
  • Meticulously handled by our professional team to ensure no information gaps;
  • Systematic integration of key information.

What Are the Prices? (Take Health Food Regulations as an example)

3400 USD per year ( including a total of 12 reports in both English and Chinese)

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