CIRS China has been Approved as Group Company
Published: Author: Source: CIRS


On 13 March 2018, CIRS Headquarters, Hangzhou CIRS Co., Ltd (CIRS China - 杭州瑞旭产品技术有限公司) , has been approved by The Bureau of Market Supervision and Administration as a group company and changed its name to Hangzhou REACH Technology Group Co., Ltd. (CIRS Group - 杭州瑞旭科技集团有限公司)”.

Other than the company name, the main business and legal relations as well as all the responsibilities and obligations of the company remain unchanged.

Chemical Inspection & Regulation Service Limited (CIRS Ireland), CIRS Group HK Ltd., CIRS Group USA Inc., Hangzhou C&K Testing Technic Co., Ltd., Nanjing CIRS Co., Ltd. and Beijing CIRS TECH Co., Ltd. are all subsidiaries of Hangzhou REACH Technology Group Co., Ltd. (CIRS Group).


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