CIRS Europe and Telematic Forged Cooperative Partnership
Published: Author: Source: CIRS

We are thrilled to announce a new cooperative partnership between CIRS Europe and Telematic.

The cooperation is set to enhance the capabilities of the two companies in addressing the complex landscape of global chemical regulations. We will leverage CIRS Europe's expertise in regulatory affairs and Telematic's innovative Epy software to offer comprehensive solutions to clients worldwide.

Telematic is also one of the sponsors for our 2024 Global Chemical Regulation Conference in London.

About Telematic

Telematic is an Italian software company with 40 years of experience in developing solutions related to the regulations that determine classification, labelling and transport of chemical substances and mixtures.

Its teams of developers and regulatory experts are constantly collaborating to create software that supports companies in creating compliant documentation with a focus on efficiency and ease-of-use.

Its main product is Epy, an SDS authoring software that has evolved to include modules for label creation, document storage and delivery, transport documentation, PCN notification and much more, covering different GHS implementations and 30+ languages.

Epy can be custom-built to meet each company’s real needs and integrated with their ERP systems.


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