CIRS Group Certificates & Reports Verification System (CRV System) Officially Goes Online
Published: Author: Source: CIRS

CIRS Group Certificates & Reports Verification System is developed to verify the authenticity and validity of all the certificates and reports issued by CIRS Group that are communicated throughout the supply chain. With this system, enterprises will also obtain compliance recommendations as well as customer services.

Why is Verification System Necessary?

  • Some third-party enterprises may falsify these certificates and harm the interests of CIRS‘s clients.
  • The upstream and downstream users of the supply chain may confirm the timeliness through the verification system.  
  • Provide accurate suggestions on how to use the certificates.

What Kind of Certificates can be Verified?

  • EU REACH Registration Certificate and Tonnage Coverage Certificate (TCC)
  • K-REACH Registration Certificate and Tonnage Coverage Certificate (TCC)
  • UK-REACH Registration Certificate and Tonnage Coverage Certificate (TCC)
  • Compliance Declaration
  • Analysis Report

Solutions during the Transitional Period

The verification system is applied to all the certificates that are issued after 1 Jan. 2022 in which a QR code is embedded. If the certificates or reports are issued before 1 Jan. 2022, manual verification is available. Related enterprises may send an email to to apply for manual verification. The manual verification will be completed within 24 hours. If needed, related enterprises may also make requests to CIRS to include their reports/certificates into the verification system.

How to Verify

To avoid disclosing confidential information, the report/certificate number will not be used to verify the authenticity of the certificates and reports. You may scan the QR code on the reports/certificates to get the key information after receiving the certificates/reports and verify the authenticity by comparing the key information. If the website you entered is not the sub-link under, you may be visiting a fake website, please contact us as soon as possible (  




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