CIRS Group Korea Selected as the Executing Agency for Korea Cosmetic Industry Institute (KCII)’s 『2024 Cosmetic Ingredient Safety Evaluation Research Project』
Published: Author: Source: CIRS

On February 20, 2024, according to the announcement No. 2024-001 by the Korea Cosmetic Industry Institute (KCII), CIRS Group Korea, a subsidiary of CIRS Group, together with the Risk Management Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Duksung Women's University, was designated as the executing agency for the KCII’s 『2024 Cosmetic Ingredient Safety Evaluation Research Project』 in the name of the Duksung Women's University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation.

This research project aims to secure safety and efficacy evaluation data for frequently used raw materials, and to update the "Safety Evaluation Results Database" to ultimately facilitate the creation of Product Information Files (P.I.F) necessary for the overseas export of domestic companies, aligning with international regulatory standards for the safety of cosmetics exports and imports.

CIRS Group Korea, leveraging years of consulting and testing experience including registration of new cosmetic material in China, as well as over 50 technical experts within CIRS Group and a substantial number of toxicologists and specialized testing personnel totaling approximately 200 experts, will provide highly reliable information.

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About CIRS Korea

Established in November 2018, CIRS Group Korea is considered an important milestone of CIRS Group’s global strategy. It devotes itself to providing global chemical regulation consultancy services, especially K-REACH compliance and product safety regulation consultancy services in South Korea. After four years of development, CIRS South Korea has become one of the top regulatory compliance consulting companies in South Korea, which, in return, further expands the businesses of CIRS Group in South Korea, and helps enhance the CIRS Group’s global market appeal.


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