LCA Software
LCA Software

The biggest obstacle hindering enterprises from completing the carbon footprint accounting is establishing an appropriate LCA. Moreover, it is difficult for enterprises to collect information on carbon emissions in their supply chains, select the emission factors of raw materials, calculate the emissions of product disposals, and compile the LCA.

To resolve these obstacles, CIRS Group has hereby developed the following solutions:

  • Acknowledge PLM, SRM, SAP and acquire bill of materials (BOM) of products and material compositions;
  • Collecting emission information from the supply chains by means of the digital system;
  • Setting up an underlying database of LCA and assessment methods;
  • Customizing the LCA model and pre-configure processes such as the acquirement, production, distribution, uses, and disposal of raw materials;
  • Generating an LCA study report with a customized template. The LCA study report not only obeys the requirements of the China green report but also meets the EPD review in the EU.

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